What is the most important thing about Holley Mangold?

Could it be that she is competing in the Olympics Weightlifting competition at the end of the month?

That she was a defensive line(wo)man on her high school football team–all four years and was teh first woman to appear in an Ohio State Championship game?

Maybe that she comes from an impressive family of athletes, being the younger sister of Jet’s center Nick Mangold?

Could it be that she is bringing exposure to the world of women’s weightlifting?

Or that she is hysterical and has a freakin awesome attitude.

Obviously not. If you read the press on her, the most important fact about Holley Mangold is her size.

Some opening lines:

From ESPNOlympic weightlifting hopeful Holley Mangold, who weighs about 300 pounds, loves her life as a large person and doesn’t care what people think.

Also from ESPNNot long before competition time in the warm-up room at ExCeL London, the Olympic weightlifting venue, the 22-year-old Ohio native will launch her 5-foot-8, 330-pound frame through the air with startling quickness and gracefully stick the landing on her pre-competition good-luck cartwheel

From the LA TimesEverything about Holley Mangold is oversized. Her personality. Her laugh. Her ambition. But the first thing most people notice is her body, which, at 5 feet 9 and 350 pounds, is hard to miss.

The New York Times MagazineShe’s 350 Pounds and Olympics-Bound

And then there is this video from HuffPo: Holley Mangold, 323-Pound Female Weightlifter, Dreams Of Olympic Gold 

There are a number of reasons Holley Mangold should be being talked about: she’s a young contender, she has only been seriously training in her sport for four years. She suffered a fairly important career setback when she was, in teh span of a few months, invited to train at and then asked to leave the Olympic training center after failing to stick any of her lifts. She went back to her Ohio with a revived determination to make it to the Olympics, and although she was on the short list for the 2016 trials, she is going to be one half of the US Olympic team in women’s weightlifting.

I addition to her sports prowess, her personality is awesome…and has nothing to do with the many euphemistic references to her weight that cheapen the above linked pieces. For example:

“If you start thinking you’re awesome, other people are going to start thinking it too.”

Truth. I think Holley Mangold is incredible. I would buy her shots.

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