I start a new job two days after my birthday. I’ve worked for the DDS for six years. One of the major perks of direct care with DDS is the dress code–or, i guess lack of one. As long as I report to work on time and clothed, few people are concerned with what I am using to cover my body.

I have worn Pajama Jeans to work. I have work sweatpants to work. I have work long johns under jeans under sweatpants to work on days where I expect to be shoveling and then spent the better part of that work day wandering around in long johns and slippers.

My hair has been a rainbow of colors and a variety of styles. When I shaved my hair off, there was no feedback–either time. When my hair went from chestnut brown to platinum blonde overnight, the only reactions I got were from consumers.

In this absence of accountability for my clothing, I may have forgotten how to dress myself. I can do a decent job at special occasion dressing with only a small ulcer as a result. But business casual?

This is where I always fall into a rut. I create a uniform. When I worked at Macy’s, It was knee length skirts or a variety of colors, black boots and a black sweater.

At the call center, it was men’s white t-shirts, colorful cardigans and wide leg trousers with chucks.

Then, the gap. I did fall into a uniform rut while working for DDS. One of my coworkers did not believe I owned anything other than jeans and men’s v-neck undershirts.

I don’t want to fall back on a set way of dressing. I feel like I have enough clothing–or as my mother would say, too much clothing–to easily facilitate being able to dress myself five days a week. I turned to Polyvore to do some dry runs or appropriate clothing for a job where I have to look professional, but still may get messy.


Number 1: A dress and some other stuff

I have don’t like just wearing a dress and leaving it at the simple and feminine. It feels weird. I also rarely wear a dress without leggings or bike shorts underneath because I am not the most graceful person, and I like to keep my butt private.

I have this dress from eshakti, and it is probably my favorite dress that I have from them. It is machine washable, stays mostly wrinkle free, and is extremely comfortable. The side seam ripped, and I had to bind the dress back together with Steam-a-Seam, but this dress is a staple for me.

Number 2: Hot Pink Pants

work stuff

I do own a pair of hot pink trousers. I bought them on sale at Old Navy after trying on every pair of pants in the store in at least two sizes. I have a hard time not feeling “ladies who lunch” while wearing them (I run into the same problem with my white jeans).

I like this because the oxfords and the blouse are toned down, but still are fun enough to keep it out of the blandness of how I perceive middle-aged dressing.

Number 3: Uniform

work stuff

Trousers, plain shirt, cardigan.

It’s easy and uninteresting, but it’s safe and will keep me under the dress code violation radar. Plus, i know it works for me. I may start doing the OOTD route (not here–YOU’RE WELCOME) to see how it works out.

Of course, that means preparation like remembering to get a photo before the pants come off for the day and being ready in enough time to do so.

Let teh great business causal dressing experiment begin.