Tebow Mania.

Know what I don’t care about? Football.

And this Tebow-wunderkind, he is apparently one of the best out there right now.

But I wanted to take moment to remind everyone of this ad:

If I were to care about football, I would definitely be less inclined to hero worship someone so closely associated with James Dobson and the concept of biblically raising one’s children (which, from what I can discern, has a lot to do with the fetus, and little to do with raising the child with all of those touchy-feely, New Testament, love-thy-neighbory-y stuff.)

Admire his huge paycheck for being able to throw a ball and take a hit. Admire his conviction and desire to be upwardly mobile, in so far as he can use those ever larger platforms to push his faith. Admire his time spent converting the savages with his family from those less civil religions like Islam. Swoon at his all-American good looks.

But don’t take your politics from celebrities. Learn about the issues and make the decisions based on your own values.

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