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This image is circulating on the internet, having started making its rounds in conservative circles, and eventually being co-opted by the progressive side. While the language is charged in the anti-education direction, the message really does depend on the values of the reader.

However, I take issue with the notion that explicit sex education is bad. You know what is literally the worst thing on the planet? Teaching kids accurate sex information so that they are armed with the information they need to avoid STIs and unplanned pregnancy.

Only slightly better than that are the MULTIPLE units in the Get Real curriculum that teach about healthy relationships so that vulnerable teens can avoid staying with abusive partners by recognizing the signs of emotional, verbal, financial, sexual and physical abuse early on in teh relationship and feel like they have resources and people to talk to.

You know what is the best directive for preventing teen pregnancy? Ignoring the fact that teens have sex and treating it like a taboo so that kids end up thinking you can wash and reuse condoms, or that they don’t need them at all because condoms cause AIDS, or any variety of items/solutions that can be used post sex to prevent pregnancy.

Letting kids get information about sex from other kids is the best idea.

This particular attack on the Get Real Curriculum shows a lack or research on the part of those making this graphic. I have not read the whole curriculum, but I did attend a webinar put on by PPLM that talked specifically about responding to questions posed by participants.

One of the things stressed repeatedly throughout the webinar, which was designed for educators using the Get Real curriculum, was the importance of directing participants to their parents and clergy for values based answers. As with many comprehensive sex education courses, the point is to teach the facts and to leave the gray moral areas to people more qualified to answer them.

Because I am not as educated on TG issues, I will not speak a lot about that aspect, other than to point out that the language, “boys who wish they were girls” is extremely offensive and that there isn’t much that can go wrong by choosing to teach kids to be tolerant and kind.

It gives them the opportunity to dislike people on their own merits, not the preconceived notions being churned out by either side of the political spectrum.

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