New Phone Day!

There are benefits of being the main account holder, my favorite being eligibility for a new phone when the contract is up. When I was paying bills the other day, I noticed that the VZW website was prompting me to upgrade. I thought it was weird because I’ve only had my phone for about a year.

It was good timing. Recently the MotoDroid has been possessed by some sort of sound ruining demon. It isn’t a big deal when it is a ringtone, but the demon also affected the alarm function, so instead of waking up to Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope,” or the Talking Heads “This Must Be the Place,” I was waking up to what sounded like Satan whispering through one of those novelty microphones that modify your voice using large springs.

I purchased the Samsung Droid Charge (!). It is huge wide and tall compared to the MotoDroid, but very thin and light. I miss my physical keyboard, but this one takes better pictures and has better sound quality.

The two features I am most excited about are the ability to take screen captures, although I have no practical application for this yet, and the continuous burst mode on the camera. I was disappointed by Verizon and Skype’s inability to have a functioning video calling app ready for the launch of 5 phones with dual cameras. The silliest features that I was too excited about: the power button is on the side of the phone, so my little hands can easily reach it while I hold the phone and the menus and help boxes are orange.

Oh, and the potential for LTE and the mobile hotspot aren’t bad either.

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