M.A.S.S.: Mass Advocates Standing Strong

An invaluable resource for self-advocates and those supporters who want to provide information. The site provides the contact information for the different regional chapters, as well as the downloadable application for membership.

Association of University Centers on Disabilities

A resource for finding current academia based research initiatives. AUCD regularly produces free webinars on many topics relating to disability and disability supports. Most recently, I attended the webinar “A Participatory Approach to Adapting Measures of Health and Violence for Use with People with Developmental Disabilities” which is creating assessment tools to include those with disabilities in research about domestic and sexual abuse.

Autism NOW: The National Autism Resource and Information Center

Autism NOW is a resource for people with autism, their families and professional staff. The Link above is to the organization’s webinar schedule. On that page, one can also find the link to all past webinars, some available “on demand” to be replayed at your leisure. Other spots on the site: chat forums, lists of local resources broken down by state (US), information about employment options…it goes on. The site has a lot of useful information and, if one were interested, it could take days to explore its ins and outs.



A personal look at disability issues from a pioneer in the field of adaptive sexuality education. After working in the field as an able bodied participant for 30 years, Dave began to use a wheelchair when out and about. He has an interesting perspective from both sides of the issue and points out both the bad experiences he has as a disabled man as well as the surprising and uplifting. Dave is a compelling writer.


The blog of a man who recently had a spinal ccord injury, leading to quadraplegia who aims to discuss issues in sex and disability and has an interest in recording the stories of his peers. He is the facilitator of the Sexuality and Disability Support Group at the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, CA. Information can also be found at


Already created resource lists

My Link Round-up about Teen Dating Violence

Reading about different types of privilege  from STFUEttiquetteBlogs tumblr.

The Safe Space Network Tumblr resource list: If you need it, there is a tumblr about it. The Safe Space Network aims to have all content be as trigger free as possible.


Other interesting stuff

Purgatory:A Historical Analysis of the Belchertown State Schools

Through interviews and historical analysis, Jeromie Whalen looks at the complex emotions wrapped up in the closing of the Belchertown State School. Featuring my mom, Joyce Riley.