Link Round Up: SA resources and Rape Culture

To start: RAINN (the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network) now has the ability to do anonymous online chatting. This means that people who are not able to use a phone to contact the hotline could use the internet chat and an incognito window or a safer computer to contact the network.

More anonymous support resources for sexual assault survivors: After the Silence, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, Survivors of Incest Anonymous, Pandora’s Project, Rape Crisis Center

I said in my post about Schrodinger’s Rapist that I wasn’t going to discuss rape culture. It’s because I am not going to attempt to restate the issues when they’ve been so clearly and eloquently explained by people who know way more about the topic than I do. Let’s start with Rape Culture 101.

But that isn’t real, right? How about this summary of a British study that found people have a really hard time determining whether a quote about women is from a leading men’s magazine or a convicted rapist.

I mean, shouldn’t women think about the way men will react when they get dressed in their to hang out with their family working out.

Which may explain why so many people don’t know what rape and sexual assault actually are. Thomas MacAulay Millar from the Yes Means Yes blog shares his interpretation of two studies looking at the self-perception of undetected rapists.

Look at these numbers…

Or how about the way people in Cleveland, Texas reacted after an 11 year-old girl was gang raped. By blaming the victim, her mother, rationalizing and explaining the perpetrators behavior…even expressing pity for the rapists.

Or the investigation in Missoula, Montana–the Rape Capital of America–whose police department was under investigation for the mishandling of investigations into reported rapes by the federal Department of Justice. While Missoula’s rate of rapes is average among college towns, the lack of effective follow up and punishment of the rapists made them national news.

Rape Culture doesn’t just affect women. One of the larger facets of “acceptable” rape culture is prison rape. Obviously, criminals should have thought about being raped before they committed crimes. The most recent recipient of the flood of prison rape endorsements: Jerry Sandusky. Honestly, I wish child rape were more severly–like capitally–punished. Let’s be clear, I would see this man  executed, and I don’t agree with the idea that he should be raped in prison.

Some tumblrs that highlight rape culture: Stfurapeculture, Rape Culture Realities, Slutwalkseattle, Project Unbreakable, After theLight.

Once you recognize Rape Culture, you will see it everywhere.















It takes a journey to go from denying rape culture exists (and that maybe rape jokes aren’t the ultimate source of comedy gold) to recognizing it to trying to do something about it…Warning, calling out rape culture is going to rub some people the wrong way. I recommend perfecting your, “Deal with it,” delivery.

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