Link Round Up #1

Wanna know  a bunch of ways you cannot get pregnant? This website tells you how.  (The site disclaimer: This is a humor site, and, although it is educational, it is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. Remember, sex has risks. One such risk is pregnancy, another is becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease. You should thoroughly educate yourself about the possible consequences of having sex before you go out and jump anyone. Remember, no form of contraception is completely foolproof. The only way to be absolutely certain you will not get pregnant is to abstain from vaginal sex…and artificial insemination…and in vitro fertilization…and you get the drift!)

The sex toy care and maintenance guide from DangerousLilly.

Curricula Organizer for Reproductive Health Education.  A repository of teaching tools, power points and other curricula. Has a searchable database.

Shit Walkies say to Wheelchair Riders.

A post on the same topic from Dave Hingsberger.

Latest news from Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.  Includes their advice columns based on user submitted questions from their formspring page.

An expose on how Planned Parenthood is creating sex addicts to further their abortion business. (via Feministing.)

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Fat Feminist Sex Educator.