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    In defense of the Mack.

    In 1847, Dorothea Dix changed the way care was provided for people with mental illness…

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    So, this last couple of semesters + life = intense hiatus. What propelled me back…

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    Eugenics Across Demographics

    This is still a work in progress.   [prezi id=”b6gejblxjbv3″] [expand title=”Sources” tag=”h2″]…

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    A Higher Standard

    In a small city north of Springfield, there is a somewhat prominent family that owns…

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    One of the members of our cohort at Widener is doing an interview series,Β Modern Sexologists….

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    Upgrading my learning.

    There was a great technological divide between my first tour of undergrad and my second…

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    Capacity to Consent

    This is a look at some of the laws, policies and attitudes surrounding capacity to…