Animal Problems.

It has been a ridiculous week regarding the animals.

One of the major parts of this move has been dealing with my cat. We moved into my sister-in-law’s house, and she has animals. There are a lot of processes for integrating animals into households. We followed those steps, and there wasn’t any major problem until today. I thought that, if there were to be a problem, it would be Nini based on her previous reaction to my sister’s cat–who she terrorized for about a week before they became best friends.

To begin, this is Charlie, my sister-in-law’s cat:

Long suffering, ignominy visited Charlie.
Would take a beating just to snuggle Alice.
Did I mention that he has no front claws?

Charlie has always been an extremely easy-going cat. He doesn’t really get ruffled by the rest of the animals in the house. When we had our previous cat, Alice (who belonged in a single pet household–but we didn’t know that until after we got her), he would try to approach her at least twice a day to try and be friends. She would beat him up every time.

I assumed that if I could get Nini to be nice, Charlie would follow the same path he did before and we wouldn’t have a any issues. Initially, they did ok, mostly preferring to ignore each other except for the occasional sniff.

Today, well-mannered, docile, affectionate Charlie decided that he was going to be the dominant cat. This mostly meant charging forward at a surprisingly fast pace for his physique and stopping when Nini turned around and hissed at him. He was becoming increasing moreĀ aggressiveĀ about it, and Nini ran under the futon to get away from him.

It was then that I made an error–rather than just let Nini deal with him herself, I made the poor decision to intervene. In doing so, I severely under-estimated Charlie. And this happened:

Back claws.
Front claws and teeth.

What an idiot am I that I completely discounted teeth and his back claws–and his incredible speed and agility for being football-shaped.

Lesson learned from this–don’t throw out the medical tape you pinched from the hospital when you were stuck in there for a week. (Technically, it was in my kit, so I paid something on the order of 15$ for it, so I guess it doesn’t count as an actual theft.) Oh, and let the damn animals sort it out themselves.


I feel like a mummy.

Animal problem part 2: Squirrel-gate to follow.

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