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Erin has been involved in the disabilities field passively since birth and actively for five years, working in direct care for the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.

In 2007, she became involved with the Sexuality Educators Network of Western Mass, a group of professionals working with people of varying levels of intellectual disabilities to encourage and foster whole lives. She believes that giving people the tools to develop successful interpersonal relationships will lead to greater autonomy and self advocacy, while backing away from the oppressive institutional past. Through trial and error, Erin has learned that teaching sexuality and social skills is a fun but humbling task.

Prior to her accidental foray into the disabilities field, Erin studied professional writing for publication at Salem State College in Salem, MA with the hopes of becoming a fact checker and proofreader. While her attention to the finer points of which punctuation goes where may have faded with time, her love of research and facts has not. For Erin, a happy life is an open link to the EBESCO host and a well worded Google search.

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Fat Feminist Sex Educator.