A bad case of the Feels

I have an extremely high pain tolerance.

This used to extend to most areas of my life. Aside from explosive anger and sarcasm, there wasn’t a lot of emotional range. I was usually pretty pleasant, but crying was something that people saw when I was escalating to furious…now…

A (working) list of stupid things that make me cry:

  • Any news story involving veterans/active duty soldiers/the end of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.
  • Those ASPCA commercials (especially the one that plays “You’re Always of my Mind”).
  • Pixar movies. I even refused to see UP after enduring merciless teasing when I cried at the end of WALL-E.
  • Baby landmarks
  • Weddings–especially when people are so obviously happy and so obviously in love. One would assume that those two things are a prerequisite for getting married, but I’ve been to a few weddings where the couple was not oozing joy to be there.
  • Car crashes
  • When people make jokes about car crashes
  • Seeing people in hospitals
  • Anytime someone is on the news talking about losing their home in a fire.
  • When Mondo won PR Allstars, and when he didn’t win his season of Project Runway.
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven.
  • Just about every other episode of Doctor Who or Torchwood.
  • Occasional Rachel Maddow segments
  • The Dawn dis detergent commercial about oil spills with the baby ducks.
  • Charity information about under privileged children.
  • Stories about people overcoming obstacles (and generally hopeful promotional material.)

Part of me thinks it has something to do with the full on exhaustion I experience most days, maybe it’s because I have gone through a fair amount of tragedy in the past few years, maybe it’s hormonal. Thanks third puberty and life for making me cry all the time. It’s awkward and undermines my bad-assery. Cut it out.

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